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Tips: How To Have A Successful Interview With HRD

Grogi facing a job interview a few days more? That is a natural thing. But no need to worry about excessive. A mature preparation will make you more ready to face all the possibilities.

As a provision, here are our interview tips that you can apply to successfully facing the HRD later.

Personality is the most essential criterion for HRD

Before learning good interview tips, you need to know the following facts. It turns out that work experience is not the highest factor in smooth job interviews. The first thing that HRD is aware of is personality.

Based on A. Sterview TopInterview Report and the Resume-Library job search platform, applicant personalities affect 70 percent of company valuation, along with skills and experience. While education affects only 18 percent.

According to the CNBC Make It alert article, the most unwanted personality traits of an employee candidate are arrogance, dishonesty, lack of reliability, and narrow minds.

Job Interview Tips

Here are simple interview tips you need to remember and train at home. Imagine you are facing an interviewer and answer questions that may be thrown.

  • Tell your skills enthusiastically and confidently.
  • Avoid convoluted explanations when giving long answers
  • Show that you’re able to work in teams
  • Don’t think of answers for too long
  • With diplomatic, but not-Muluk-M
  • Do not dismantle the company before (if ever worked elsewhere)

Online Interview Tips

At the moment the interview doesn’t have to be faced face-to-face. For the sake of practicality and efficiency of time, companies often conduct online interviews with phone calls or video call.

What can you do when confronting interviews like this? Here are some things you need to take note of.

  • Make sure the laptop or gadget equipment used works well to avoid unprofessional effects.
  • Interviewer’s direct view, not your picture on the screen
  • Keep it a polite and formal appearance, even if you’re not facing directly with the interviewer.

Interview FAQs

During a job interview, sometimes the interviewer does have an unexpected question. But the majority of questions that were asked are not much different, Kok.

Here are the usual questions that arise during a job interview.

1. “Just tell me about yourself!”

When asked to describe yourself, not just your character’s personality and suitability with a company that the interviewer wants to know. Questions like this are also useful for measuring your communication skills. So, as much as possible answer calmly without stammering. Better yet if you can tell me things that haven’t been listed on the resume yet. Because your ability to present yourself is also judged by this question.

2. “Why are you interested in applying for work in this company?”

Through this question, the interviewer wants to know the extent of your seriousness to join the company. Research Small Business about your company profile and the position you’re applying for.

3. “Please explain your weaknesses!”

This question is usually asked to measure your honesty in assessing yourself. Do not let you answer no weakness. These answers are noticeable dishonest and impressive arrogance.

It’s best to look for one that doesn’t include your strengths, but it’s also not a fatal drawback. Make sure you include a solution that you already have or are running to resolve the vulnerability. The answer like this suggests that you are a person who always strives to be better.

4. “Why should this company hire you?”

Don’t get caught applying only because the position fits your qualifications without understanding the job description itself. Provide answers that encapsulate your qualifications and enthusiasm to join the company.

5. “What is your plan in the next 5 years?”

This question aims to know your ambition in the profession and the extent of the planning you are making to achieve it. Of course HRD also wants to know if your long term plan suits the company or not.